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Smart Phones

Are you scared of texting? Would you like to see your grandchildren open their presents on holidays without traveling North? Have you been wanting to get an edge on your Bridge competition? Did you know there are apps that can help improve your Golf game?


How can I get the best deal on a used iPad? What is the easiest way to print out a picture? Is there a way to find my tablet if it is misplaced? Can you guide me to some useful apps for my lifestyle? Do you think I would be better off with a tablet or a laptop?

Personal Computers

How fast does my computer really need to be? Have you ever wanted to make custom Holiday gifts without the big price tag? Did you know you can scrap book without spending a dime? Is your computer moving slower than a rocking chair on a hot Louisiana day?

The Internet

How do I setup Facebook? Did you know there are simple ways to reduce your chance of getting a virus? Would you like to stop spending entire weekends balancing checkbooks and mailing out bills? Did you know the 'Yellow Pages' have moved online?

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